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Our Services
  1. Personal service. When you call or visit, you will be speaking directly with those individuals involved in every aspect of your timber frame.
  2. Quality craftsmanship.
  3. Small or large projects, simple or complex. All projects are approached with the same enthusiasm regardless of the size or style you prefer. Our passion for timber framing is revealed in each and every frame we build.
  4. Design. We will design your timber frame, turning visions into reality.
  5. Frame to dry-in stage. We typically cut and erect the frame and install the SIPS. Plus, we install exterior doors and windows.
  6. Special tools or skills not required of you or your contractor. When we have completed your timber frame, all work requiring special timber framing tools and skills will no longer be needed. At that stage, any qualified contractor can continue your project forward to total completion.
  7. Flexibility. At Midwest Custom Timber Frames, your ideas and visions will be incorporated into creating exactly what you want, not just a duplicate from a book of plans. We have never built the same identical timber frame design more than once.
  8. Inclusive costs. We will provide very close estimates upon reviewing owner-provided plans. Our contract prices will reflect an all-inclusive price which can be used as a precise budgetary figure.